3c River Valley Road
#01-05, The Cannery
Singapore 179022


As the largest club in the complex with a capacity of over 1,500, the main Zouk room regularly hosts international guest DJs, ‘live’ performances, Fashion shows, fringe art events, short film screenings and exhibitions. The club is accessed through a dramatically lit and sculptural tunnel as a prequel to the scene ahead of the neo-industrial themed space.

Decked out in customised Gary Stewart analog soundsystem, state-of-the-art lighting, sprawling multi-level dance floor, pockets of bars and body-bending music, it’s easy to see why this is deemed the heart of the club.


First opened in December 1996, Phuture’s unique music policy has spanned hip-hop, breaks, drum ‘n’ bass, nu-jazz, down tempo and anything experimental, historically making it a perfect spot for the musically adventurous. Its futuristic approach to music is reflected in its decor, reinforcing the room’s aerodynamic design. Playful furniture, funky LED backed bars and an inviting circular dance floor adds movement and life to the club. The entrance walkway and interior walls are adorned with original commissioned artworks by local artist, Jahan Loh – whose works compliment the very design of Phuture seamlessly.

Open to the public four nights a week, with a music policy currently focused on urban, hip hop and R&B, Phuture has an up-for-it, get down crowd, week in week out. The compact, friendly space has a 600 odd capacity.


A newly introduced concept that doubles as a lounge and club space, Capital is suited for the working crowd and guests who luxuriate in the finer things in life. Designed by design studio Charnley Stadworth and sized at an expansive 542sqm, Capital is the second largest outlet and the most multi-faceted with four distinct zones – including an island bar, whisky bar, whisky room, and a plush seating and dance floor area.

Confident, visually extravagant and the outlet for art-spotting, notable features include the mesmerizing ceiling by Tetsuya Toshima, a neon piece by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng, geometric LED glow ceiling on the dance floor by LEDSCONTROL, a wondrous cabinet of curious art by a mix of Asian artists, and a futuristic DJ deck in the mould of an eye – all of which, are intended to perfectly complement the experience of post-work repose of sipping rare whiskies and other spirits, and switching up the groove in the later hours.

RedTail Bar

Situated along the other side of the Clarke Quay Cannary Block, RedTail Bar is Zouk Singapore’s new pre-game playground. Designed by Charnley Stadworth with a modern oriental design language, the bar is aptly named after a nocturnal Asian species, the red tail panda.

Fashioned as a casual and pre-game space for lively gatherings, RedTail Bar serves an array of contemporary Asian bites, craft cocktails, beers, wines and Zouk signatures including Blue Spin, Velvet Rope and more. Riding on the concept of being ‘The Drama Before The Party’, RedTail Bar boasts a DJ deck of its own, beer pong tables, and several drinking games against a backdrop of tracks put together by Zouk resident DJs – all intended to bring forth a convivial setting for post-work hangouts and pre-drink sessions to kick off the weekend party nights.

Here Kitty Kitty

Be transported to the flourishing nightlife alley of 1950s Shinjuku where the Golden Gai once was. The ultra-luxurious nightlife experience at Here Kitty Kitty Vice Den strips away the illustrious history of illicit courtesanship, while retaining thr vivacious energy and culturally rich architecture of narrow shanties and conflicting wall papers.

Sushi Ichizuke

Embark on a gastronomic voyage unlike any other at Sushi Ichizuke, a first-of-its-kind multisensory omakase dining concept that invokes and engages all senses, combining the visual preparation of sushi-making and the relaxed iteration of the traditional omakase dining experience, while anchoring it in the philosophy of omotenashi. Originating from sado, the Japanese tea ceremony, omotenashi is the act of selfless hospitality that is centred around care for the guest.

Chef Suzuki offers diners at Sushi Ichizuke what he calls “vibe dining omakase”. While much of the seasonal produce on the menu is flown in regularly from Toyosu market in Tokyo, Sushi Ichizuke’s sleek interiors and ambience are unmistakably Zouk – vibrant, upbeat and joyful.

Maison Shūko

Maison Shūko is a progressive Japanese-French omakase restaurant that, at its heart, focuses on connection — between diners and chefs, chefs and their creations, and most importantly, ingredients and their producers. Seating just eight guests, this minimalist space is the setting for a personal and intimate six-hands dining experience presented by chefs Angus Chow, Jeremmy Chiam, the former chef-owner of Le Binchotan, and celebrity chef Justin Foo.

With over four decades of combined experience, our chefs tap into their various culinary backgrounds to interpret the various ingredients, often in unconventional ways.

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