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Big Room, EDM, Tech House & Techno

Club Residency

Zouk Singapore (2024 - Present)


Krisha’s journey from being the front of camera lenses in Korea to the pulsating dance floors across Asia is truly inspiring. Her story exemplifies the importance of pursuing one’s passion regardless of conventional norms or life’s timing. Initially a model, Krisha’s heart was always captivated by electronic dance music (EDM), hardstyle, and techno, leading her to transition into the world of DJing.

Her fearless approach to music is evident in her versatile sound, starting with EDM and house and later expanding to hardstyle, hard dance, and psytrance. She also seamlessly integrates tech house, hip-hop, house, and disco. Despite her eclectic influences, Tech House, EDM, and Big Room remain foundational to her performances, characterized by their energy, power, and audience connection.

As a trailblazing female DJ, Krisha has earned residencies at prestigious clubs like TRUE COLOR CLUB in Zhanjiang, AIR ROAMING CLUB, PARTY BASS CLUB in Shenzhen, and notably, as the only female resident DJ at Zouk Singapore—a testament to her exceptional talent and the club’s discerning choices. Her electrifying sets at clubs and festivals across China and Korea have solidified her status in the Asian DJ scene.

Beyond DJing, Krisha’s creative endeavors extend to designing for a jewelry company and modeling, showcasing her multifaceted talents and broad appeal in various creative fields. While her bio doesn’t highlight specific competitions, her guest appearances, such as the Denon Launch Party in Cheongdam Made Club, emphasize her industry recognition.

Looking ahead, Krisha’s hunger for musical exploration and her willingness to embrace new challenges promise continued evolution in her sound. As she continues to captivate audiences globally, it’s evident that Krisha is more than a DJ—she’s an experienced creator, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic dance music landscape.

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