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Here at Zouk Music Academy, we offer concise, fun and enriching DJ lessons from Introductory to Graduate courses. Get your hands on the decks, take cues from some of the best DJs in the industry and be off to set your foundation right and find your unique sound.

The newly launched Zouk Music Academy offers a glimpse and more into what it takes to be a professional DJ in one of the world’s leading clubs. Unleash your inner DJ under the mentorship of seasoned Zouk resident DJs and some of the best in the industry to find your unique sound.
All courses will be conducted at Zouk Singapore, in our state-of-the-art studios and multiple live rooms, at 3C River Valley Road, The Cannery, Singapore 179022Classes are available daily from 2PM – 10PM.



Peek into the world of dance music. In this drop-in trial class, get in touch with an understanding of the fundamentals of DJing, exploring where your music interest may lie.


Single Trial LessonOne-to-one (1 hour) — $49
*From now till 31 Dec 21, bring a friend along when you sign up for a trial class at $49.

Trial Lesson consists of:

– Understanding the fundamentals of DJing
– Learning of basic DJ equipment and softwares
– Basic beat matching, learning of music tempo and music cueing


Tailored for the fresh, our introductory course offers an exciting first look into the world of dance music. Learn the proper fundamentals and set yourself up to explore your potential in the art of DJing.


Five Lessons
One-to-one (1 hour per lesson) — $420
*Classes are available one-to-one only

Beginner Lessons consist of:

5 dedicated lessons teaching you the fundamentals of DJing to get you ready to perform your first set.
(One hour per lesson)

– Learning the equipment (Cdjs or turntables available upon request)
– Learning of DJ software programs (Serato DJ or USB)
– Song structuring and learning of BPM
– Music cueing and headphone cueing
– Beat-alignment and mixing
– EQing and multi-genre transitions
– Music Programming


Being a proficient DJ is no easy feat. This course is tailored for those who wish to make the move from bedroom to dance hall. Improve your mixing, programing, crowd reading, library sourcing, and much more with the help of seasoned professionals who handle the stress of it all on a weekly basis.


Five Lessons
One-to-one (1 hour per lesson) — $450
*Classes are available one-to-one only

Intermediate Lessons consist of:

5 dedicated lessons on all aspects of DJing. Learn the tricks and special transitions relevant to your genre and build your stage confidence. (One hour per lesson)

For Urban DJ Course
– Intermediate EQing
– Trick mixing
– Basic beat juggles (back spin)
– Basic scratch (baby, tears, transform, chirps)

For Dance DJ Course
– Advanced mixing techniques
– Use of FX
– Live mashups
– Learning to crowd-read
– Set structure and usage of songs
– Introduction to opening sets


With over 50 years of international experience amongst them, our instructors are certainly not just button pushers. Equipped with skills to excite local and international crowds, they have taken their music across the world to famed clubs in New York, Ibiza, Brazil, Tokyo, London, and many more.







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All Zouk Music Academy course bookings must
abide to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Each package has a validity of 3 months upon purchase. Zouk Management reserves the right to reject extension of packages/classes.
  • Cancellation of classes must be done 48hrs prior to the class commencement time. Failure to do so would result in the class credit being deducted.
  • Classes are subjected to availability on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • The purchase information must match the registration information upon attending the DJ Academy Class.
  • Zouk Management reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly and/or inappropriate. This includes any person who poses a threat to security and/or or to the enjoyment of the services by others.
  • All participants of the classes are to adhere to the safe distancing measures in place at the premises.
  • Zouk Management reserves the right to decline admission to any persons who have a valid ticket but are feeling unwell and/or are running a temperature (>38 degree Celsius) on the day of the class and may require that person to immediately leave the relevant facility.
  • Recording of any form is not allowed during the classes.
  • Packages are inclusive of prevailing GST rates.
  • Packages are strictly non-extendable, non-refundable and non-transferable.
    Failure to comply with the terms and conditions set out herein may result in denial of participation or cancellation of the package.
  • The company reserves the right to change, amend and/or vary the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Participants acknowledge and understand that Zouk will not be held liable for any personal injury and/or illness suffered by the participant as a result of his/her participation in the classes.
  • Participants acknowledge and understand that ownership of any product of the classes, be it mixtapes and/or videos shall remain in Zouk.
  • Cancellation of classes must be done 48 hours prior to the class commencement time. Failure to do so would result in the class credit being deducted. For the avoidance of doubt, the aforementioned 48-hour policy is not applicable to cancellations with a valid medical certificate.
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